Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus and Andromeda
Stock Number: 5607
Origin: French
Circa: 1580
Height: 11.25 ins.  (29 cms.)
Width: 9.75 ins.  (25 cms.)
Full Description:

16th-century French oak panel of Perseus and Andromeda.  The story, as told by Ovid, relates that the King and Queen of Ethiopia had angered the gods by boasting that their daughter, Andromeda, was more beautiful than the Nereids.  As a punishment the gods sent a sea monster to ravage the coast that could only be appeased by the sacrifice of Andromeda herself.  However, Perseus flew over the sea-shore, saw the maiden in distress, swooped down to kill the monster and release Andromeda, whom he subsequently married.

On this panel Perseus is seen here at top right, sword in hand, bearing a shield with a face carved on it that seems to be distracting the monster - named Cetus - which was about to claim Andromeda.  She is shown chained at the ankles and wrists.  On the opposite side of the panel are her parents, a dog and various others looking on as the drama unfolds.

The panel has good colour and patina.

Modern frame measures 15" x 13.6".

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