Stock Number: 5674
Origin: N. French
Circa: 16th century
Height: 19.75 ins.  (50 cms.)
Width: 7.25 ins.  (18 cms.)
Depth: 1 ins.  (3 cms.)
Full Description:

Amusing late 16th-century French oak panel.  The head is contained in a roundel in the manner of a romayne-head panel.  However, instead of a gentleman showing off his prowess as a Roman soldier or his wealth, the man within the medallion has a well-carved but improbable headdress and ass-like ears.  Beneath him, the two birds seem to be sipping from a beaker, another common Renaissance motif, but the beaks are carefully defined above the rim to show they face an impossible task - a cup is not for them.  The panel seems to be a satirical send-up of those who give themselves airs and graces, commonly found on romayne-head panels.

The panel is decoratively carved: the background has punchwork decoration, the birds' feathers are carved with dog-tooth and the headdress and cup with chevron and inscribed lines.

Small splice top right of panel, outside the carved area.

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