St Roch

St Roch
Stock Number: 5135
Origin: Low Countries
Circa: 17th century
Height: 28 ins.  (71 cms.)
Width: 9 ins.  (23 cms.)
Depth: 12 ins.  (30 cms.)
Full Description:

17th-century polychrome limewood figue of St Roch, accompanied by a dog and an angel.  He raises his tunic to show his plague sore, a bubo.  St Roch was born in Montpellier in the late 13th/14th century and studied at the university there to become a doctor.  On a journey through Italy to Rome he encountered many victims of the plague whom he treated by cleaning the wounds and keeping the patients hydrated.  The treatment had a certain success and he was venerated throughout Italy and France.  He caught the plague himself and, according to legend, was kept alive by a dog that brought him a loaf of bread everyday.  He is portrayed in art pointing to the bubo on his thigh, accompanied by the dog and an angel.  He often wears the pilgrim's scallop shell emblem on his hat or cloak.

The dog belonged to a hunter in whose lodge St Roch lay while suffering from the plague.  The dog is shown here with a ring on its collar, showing that it had an owner.

On the base there is a shield. 

Old worm damage to stand bottom left.  Angel's right arm replaced.

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