King David

King David
Stock Number: 5729
Origin: French
Circa: 1560
Height: 19.5 ins.  (50 cms.)
Width: 19.25 ins.  (49 cms.)
Depth: 0.75 ins.  (2 cms.)
Full Description:

Large mid-16th-century French Mannerist oak panel of King David.  He holds his harp with one hand while pointing with the other; the flowing Mannerist folds of his garments make him seem almost to dance.   David was a shepherd boy and a musician who played before Saul in order to alleviate his bouts of melancholia.  He became King of Israel and was traditionally believed to have written the Psalms. He united Israel and made Jerusalem its capital.  According to St Matthew, David was a direct ancestor of Christ.  In art his attributes are a harp or lyre and a crown.

Normandy, Rouen c.1560.

Large panel with good colour and patina.  Unusual subject in woodcarving.

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