Frederick II

Frederick II
Stock Number: 5731
Origin: Low Countries/German
Circa: 1530
Height: 8.75 ins.  (22 cms.)
Width: 15 ins.  (38 cms.)
Full Description:

Small 16th-century oak portrait panel of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II; an inscription round the medallion reads: Fridericus. II. Imp(erator)

Frederick II (1194-1250) ruled over extensive lands from his base in Sicily, including Italy, Germany and Jerusalem.  As a religious sceptic he was frequently at odds with the Papacy over his reluctance to lead crusades, was excommunicated at least twice and at times thought of as the Antichrist.  He was, however, a gifted ruler for much of his reign and an avid patron of science and the arts; he conducted various scientific experiments himself and encouraged a school of literature in Sicily, which had a significant effect on the development of what became the Italian language.  He founded the University of Naples, now known as the Universit√† Federico II, and wrote the first treatise on falconry.  It is claimed he was red-haired and myopic.

This portrait carving is in the form of a Romayne panel, which typically has a central roundel containing the bust of a 16th-century man shown as a Roman soldier, to demonstrate his long and illustrious ancestry, or of a woman dressed in the most elegant costume of the day as a companion piece to show off her husband’s wealth.  In the Renaissance, in addition to the romayne panel, portrait panels of Roman emperors and kings were also carved, as were portraits of important contemporary individuals.  These were probably displayed next to one another, just as today some people hang old portrait paintings to create the effect of a long and illustrious lineage.

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