The Flagellation

The Flagellation
Stock Number: 5833
Origin: Spanish
Circa: 16th century
Height: 13.25 ins.  (34 cms.)
Width: 9.5 ins.  (24 cms.)
Depth: 1.75 ins.  (4 cms.)
Full Description:

16th-century Spanish polychrome panel of The Flagellation.

Shortly before the crucifixion Jesus was flogged on the orders of Pontius Pilate, governor of Judaea.  He is shown here with his hands bound to a column behind him, probably part of the judgement hall.  The soldiers administering the punishment are using birches.

Most of the polychrome is original but there has been some retouching to the blue painted background between the legs of the soldier on the left.  Minor split repaired - almost invisibly - by the column top.

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