Four Virtues

Four Virtues
Stock Number: 5799
Origin: English
Circa: 17th century
Height: 23.25 ins.  (59 cms.)
Width: 8.5 ins.  (22 cms.)
Depth: 1.5 ins.  (4 cms.)
Full Description:

A Set of Four 17th-century English walnut panels of the Virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity and Peace personified as women, scantily clad but wearing elaborate jewellery.

Good, rich colour and patina.  A few minor restorations because of old worm damage.

Faith is shown with a cross standing against an open copy of the scriptures, holding up a chalice, an angel at her side.

Hope has an anchor illustrating St Paul's words that hope is an anchor for all our lives.  A crow is above her as its cry sounds like the Latin "cras, cras" meaning tomorrow, tomorrow.  She holds up a flaming heart, more often associated with Charity, to represent the hope that comes with the Christian faith.  She, too, has an angel at her side.

Charity is depicted to illustrate love, the original meaning of the word, as both love of God and love of one's neighbour.  From the early 16th century onwards she is shown in art with children; the bird represents a pelican, another symbol of Charity, showing piety, the devotion to one's parents.

Peace is illustrated with a dove and an abundance of flowers to show the plenty that peace brings when war is over.  An angel is at her feet.

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