Angel with Shields. SOLD

Angel with Shields.  SOLD
Stock Number: 5839
Origin: French
Circa: 1620
Height: 13.8 ins.  (35 cms.)
Width: 10 ins.  (25 cms.)
Depth: 0.6 ins.  (2 cms.)
Full Description:

17th-century French oak panel of an angel holding two shields, one emblazoned with a tower, the other with a millwheel.  The shields might refer to a town or towns;  Mulhouse in Eastern France has a millwheel as its coat of arms and the town of Bonsmoulins in Normandy combines a millwheel with a tower on its shield.  However, the shields may refer to particular individuals.

Small, very thin corner replaced at back of the panel, but this does not go through onto the front.


Price: £490.00