A Man Shearing a Pig. SOLD

A Man Shearing a Pig. SOLD
Stock Number: 5869
Origin: Flemish/Netherlandish
Circa: 16th century
Height: 19.25 ins.  (49 cms.)
Width: 15.8 ins.  (40 cms.)
Full Description:

16th-century Flemish/Dutch oak panel illustrating a Netherlandish proverb: De een scheert schapen, de ander varkens - one man shears sheep, the other pigs, meaning one man has all the advantages, the other none.  On this panel, the man, seated on a triangular stool, shears his pig in vain, not helped by a horned devil at the top left of the panel.  Netherlandish proverbs were often illustrated in prints in the sixteenth century and, notably, in painting by Pieter Bruegel in 1559 whose painting, entitled Netherlandish Proverbs, shows over a hundred examples of human folly.  See Photo 4.

The panel has been reused as a cupboard door, its frame with keyhole and hinge marks.


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