St Barbara SOLD

St Barbara   SOLD
Stock Number: 5902
Origin: Low Countries
Circa: 1520
Height: 11.25 ins.  (29 cms.)
Width: 3.25 ins.  (8 cms.)
Depth: 3.5 ins.  (9 cms.)
Full Description:

Lime wood figure of St Barbara with original polychrome decoration visible beneath later overpainting, Low Countries c.1520.

Barbara's story has no historical basis but dates from around the 7th century and is retold in the Golden Legend.  In order to discourage her numerous suitors, Barbara's pagan father had a tower with two windows built to imprison her.  While he was away Barbara persuaded some workmen to add a third window and smuggled in a priest in the guise of a doctor to baptize her.  On her father's return she told him the three windows represented the Trinity, which infuriated him but though she managed to make a rapid escape, he recaptured and flogged her before handing her over to the Roman authorities.  She refused to recant and her father was called in to execute her himself with a sword.  As he did so he was struck by lighting and burnt to death.

All three windows can be seen on this carving on the outer side of the tower.  She is invoked against sudden death by storm and lightning.

Right hand cracked at the wrist.