Trophies of War

Trophies of War
Stock Number: 5826
Origin: Flemish
Circa: 17th century
Height: 27.5 ins.  (70 cms.)
Width: 6.2 ins.  (16 cms.)
Depth: 3.3 ins.  (8 cms.)
Full Description:

17th-century Flemish oak carving showing the trophies of war, including a shield and a pair of arrows.  The sides are decorated with dogtooth carving.

The Greeks traditionally hung the weapons and shields of those they had defeated on the trees of the battlefield.  During the Renaissance such trophies were used as a decorative feature in carving and painting on furniture and interiors.  The tradition spread to include set pieces of musical instruments (Grinling Gibbons at Petworth House), hunting trophies, and symbols of art and architecture as well as science.

The arms are most probably those of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (with thanks to Michael Carter of English Heritage who identified them).

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