Corbel with Protruding Tongue SOLD

Corbel with Protruding Tongue  SOLD
Stock Number: 5592
Origin: Low Countries
Circa: 17th century
Height: 7.75 ins.  (20 cms.)
Width: 6.1 ins.  (15 cms.)
Depth: 6.75 ins.  (17 cms.)
Full Description:

17th-century carved oak corbel showing a head with protruding tongue.  This is, perhaps, merely a tongue puller, but it may also have originated in an apothecary's shop where such corbels extended their tongues to receive a pill.  On this carving there is a pronounced protuberance at the end of the tongue that could represent a pill or could just be the tip curling back.

Both sides of the corbel have been applied separately; the front portion of one scroll is a replacement - see Photo 3.


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