St Roch

St Roch
Stock Number: 5883
Origin: Flemish
Circa: 17th century
Height: 13.25 ins.  (34 cms.)
Width: 4 ins.  (10 cms.)
Depth: 4 ins.  (10 cms.)
Full Description:

17th-century carved limewood figure of St Roch.  Flemish.

St Roch was a Frenchman who trained as a doctor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montpellier in the fourteenth century and spent his working life administering to victims of the plague.  He was relatively successful as he kept wounds clean and the patients hydrated and, as a consequence, his fame spread.  He travelled to Rome on a pilgrimage, treating people as he went but, eventually, as he was returning, he caught the plague himself.  He was, supposedly, kept alive by a hunter’s dog that brought him a loaf of bread every day and was watched over by an angel.  He recovered, continued on his way, but was thrown into prison in Italy where he died.

He is the patron saint of surgeons and pharmacists and is invoked against the plague.

In art he is shown as a pilgrim, wearing a large hat decorated with a pilgrim’s badge of a shell.  On this carving he carries a water gourd and satchel and is accompanied by an angel pointing to the bubo on his thigh.  Roch is often shown with a dog holding a loaf of bread and points to the bubo himself.

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