Carved Figure of Aaron. SOLD

Carved Figure of Aaron. SOLD
Stock Number: 5909
Origin: Netherlandish
Circa: 1600
Height: 11 ins.  (28 cms.)
Width: 6.6 ins.  (17 cms.)
Depth: 1 ins.  (3 cms.)
Full Description:

Carved limewood figure of Aaron, Netherlandish c.1600.  Aaron, from the tribe of Levi, was the first High Priest of the Israelites while they were in the wilderness.  His special sacerdotal functions were conferred on him by his younger brother, Moses.

He is represented in this carving as the guardian of the faith, wearing on his chest the tefillin, boxes  containing verses of the Torah inscribed on parchment.  He supports on his left knee a censer, which he swung as he stood between the living and the dead until a plague afflicting the Israelites abated.

Moses and Aaron are illustrated on the frontispiece of the James I Bible, but Aaron is a rare figure in woodcarving.

This carving has suffered damage from woodworm that has been treated and is no longer active.  The section with the lower leg has been re-attached - see photo of back.


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