St Cecilia

St Cecilia
Stock Number: 5908
Origin: Italian
Circa: 1700
Height: 11.5 ins.  (29 cms.)
Width: 4 ins.  (10 cms.)
Depth: 4.25 ins.  (11 cms.)
Full Description:

17th/18th-century Italian alabaster carving of St Cecilia, patron saint of music. Cecilia was a Christian who took a vow of chastity, but married and persuaded her husband to agree to sexual abstinence.  According to legend, as she went to the house of her betrothed on her wedding day, she heard the sound of organ music, played, perhaps, by angels in heaven.  She is shown in art with a musical instrument, most often, as here, a portable organ.

The variations in colour on the photos show that the figure is transluscent.  Away from direct light it is white.

The legs are missing; the left-side folds of her dress have been reattached, as has a portion of her halo/coronet.  Please see photos.

The figure can be lifted off the metal stand that supports it.  Dimensions given include the stand.

Price: £525.00
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