The Gathering of Manna

The Gathering of Manna
Stock Number: 5911
Origin: Flemish
Circa: 1630
Height: 7.9 ins.  (20 cms.)
Width: 6.75 ins.  (17 cms.)
Full Description:

Early 17th-century Malines alabaster panel of The Gathering of Manna, framed in old red velvet.  Manna was the 'bread' that God provided in the wilderness of Sin for the people of Israel after their flight from Egypt.  Their tents are shown in the background of this panel.  Aaron stands on the left, just behind the horned figure of his brother, Moses, who is holding up a long rod to point out to the Israelites the manna falling from the sky.  They crouch down to gather it into their baskets, which they carry away.  The manna looked like coriander seed, and was ground in mills or mortars, boiled, then made into cakes, and 'the taste of it was like the taste of cakes baked with oil'.

No monogram; usual cracking for this type of panel.

Dimensions of actual alabaster: 4.75" high x 3.75" wide.

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