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Wood Carvings

St John & The Virgin, circa 1500
Courting Couple.  SOLD, circa 15th century
Three Spanish Tiles, circa 18th century
St Simon, circa 16th century
Beast  SOLD, circa 17th century
Pair of Dutch Delftware Plates, circa 18th century
Roman Soldier, circa 17th century
The Gathering of Manna, circa 1630
Four 17th-century Oak Panels, circa 17th century
St Cecilia, circa 1700
Wooden Images, circa 1999
St Roch, circa 17th century
The Gothic Choirstalls of Spain, circa 1986
16th century German Stove Tile, circa 1580
Trophies of War, circa 17th century
Pair of Gothic Linenfold Panels , circa 1500
Gothic Roof Boss, circa 16th century
Pair of Gothic Tracery Panels, circa 1500