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Wood Carvings

Trophies of War, circa 17th century
The Coronation of the Virgin.  SOLD, circa 1480
Pair of Gothic Linenfold Panels , circa 1500
Oak Furniture, circa 1984
St Barbara, circa 1520
Corner Stove Tile. SOLD, circa 18th century
Gothic Roof Boss, circa 16th century
Dutch Delft Charger  , circa 1700
Pair of Gothic Tracery Panels, circa 1500
Pair of 17C Oak Putti, circa 1620
Renaissance Panels, circa 1580
Joseph of Arimathaea & St Clare, circa 1520
A Man Shearing a Pig, circa 16th century
Amphisbaena Panel, circa 1550
Spandrels, circa 17th century
Pair of Romayne Head Panels, circa 1540
Putti, circa 17th century
Four Virtues, circa 17th century