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Wood Carvings

Pair of Gothic Tracery Panels, circa 1500
French Faience Salt.  SOLD, circa 18th century
Pair of 17C Oak Putti, circa 1620
Drug Jar. SOLD, circa 18th century
Renaissance Panels, circa 1580
Joseph of Arimathaea & St Clare, circa 1520
Tile Collection, circa 16th century
Pair of Beasts.   SOLD, circa 17th century
Set of Four 18C Portuguese Tiles. SOLD, circa 1780
A Man Shearing a Pig, circa 16th century
Amphisbaena Panel, circa 1550
Heraldic Panel.  SOLD, circa 1605
Spandrels, circa 17th century
Pair of Romayne Head Panels, circa 1540
Putti, circa 17th century
Four Virtues, circa 17th century
The Flagellation, circa 16th century
The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany, circa 1980
Bishop, circa 17th century
Head with Garland, circa 17th century
Beast with Young, circa 1600
St Simon, circa 16th century
Angel  SOLD, circa 1700
North Devon Tile, circa 1708
Saint Longinus, circa 1520
Roman Soldier, circa 17th century
17th century Stove Tile, circa 1600
St Barbara, circa 1520
The Trial of Christ., circa 1570
Three Angels, circa 17th century
A Saracen, circa 16th century
St Barbara. SOLD, circa 1520
Frederick II, circa 1530
King David, circa 1560
Birds, circa 17th century
St Roch, circa 17th century
Fools, circa 16th century
Pair of Lions, circa 1640
Perseus and Andromeda, circa 1580
St Mary Magdalene
Putto Corbel, circa 17th century