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The Resurrection.

On the third day after his death Christ not only rose from his tomb but also returned to earth.  Most representations of the scene in art show Christ stepping out of his tomb or standing on it; there is, however, another version where Christ floats in the air framed in a mandorla, and it is this representation shown on the panel illustrated.  The Council of Trent, held between 1545 and 1563, demanded a return to scriptural accuracy and voiced its disapproval of the floating figure version of the Resurrection.

The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers who were said to be asleep when Christ appeared in brilliant light.  Here, it is radiating from his head, the clouds form a mandorla and the three soldiers react in various ways to the vision, one holding up his shield against the glare, another looking up in surprise, while the third, whose back is turned to the action, slumbers on. 

This panel is a tabernacle door with extensive polychrome decoration and retaining some gold leaf on the back.